Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate Fountains

All Chocolate Fountain Rental Prices Include:
4lbs of chocolate, skewers and delivery.

    Amount         Servings         Dipping Items         Price

             Package 1:     4lbs             75-100                 None              $65.00
             Package 2:     4lbs             75-100                    3                   $95.00
             Package 3:     4lbs            100-125                   5                  $125.00

                               Dipping Items:                                  Chocolate:
    1. 1lb of Strawberries                                   1. Dark
    2. 1lb of Marshmallows                                2. Milk
    3. 1lb of Pretzels                                            3. White
    4. 1lb of Apple Slices                                    4. Colored
    5. 1lb of Pineapple Slices                         
    6. 1lb of Grapes
    7. 1lb of Melon Slices
    8. 1lb of Banana Slices

A $30 security deposit fee will be added to package price and will be refunded back to the customer once the fountain and other equipment is returned. All fountains and Items must be returned within 24 hours undamaged or broken.

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