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What better way to show how much you care than with an arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries over dinner &  wine! 

These very large strawberries are made fresh to order and can be made with
a variety of chocolates & toppings!

These are a perfect "Congratulations!", "Get well" or"Thank you!" gift for anyone! 
Not to mention for a Birthday, Anniversary, Bridal shower or any other Special occasion!


                 $2.25 Single                              $12.00 Half Dozen

$24.00 Dozen                              $35.00 Bouquet 
                $20.00 Dozen (4 dozen +)                        (Starting) 

       Chocolates                    Toppings 
              * Dark    Chocolate                                   * Walnuts
              * Milk    Chocolate                                    * Coconut
              * White  Chocolate                                   * Sprinkles


Strawberry Rose Bouquet

Why give her real roses when you can give her strawberry roses?!
These delicious strawberries are dipped in red colored chocolate, swirled, then carefully placed in a vase to manipulate a bouquet of roses!

Except she can actually eat them!

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